Sunday, August 6, 2017

Core Exercises for Prenatal Fitness

REMEMBER: Get your medical provider's OK before starting any fitness routine during pregnancy!

Moves demonstrated in this video:

1. Standing Crunches
2. Standing Pelvic Tilts
3. Prone Stretch & Tuck (Dynamic Bird Dog)
4. Heel Slides
5. Heel Drops
6. Side-Lying Knee Lifts

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When following an exercise routine, the most important thing is motivation. Set up some goals for yourself and get excited about those goals. When you set your exercise goals, make sure that having fun is one of them. Exercising should be rewarding be both physically and mentally rewarding. Having fun is just as much of a benefit as moving your body. Now you can set out on the road to success with these great ideas.

A good song can do wonders to get you moving. No can resist moving their feet to a catchy beat or singing along to their favorite tunes. Not including music in your exercise routine should be against the law. Turn up the music and get moving. The music provides an incentive to help you persevere and get into shape.

It's a lot easier to get plenty of exercise if you have a good friend to share the experience. Taking time to socialize and catch up while exercising makes the time pass more quickly. You and your buddy will be shocked at how fast you lose weight when you do it together.

Workout video games help you stay on top of your goals. Everyone in the family can get in on the fun. When you are having fun it will be easier to forget that you are actually exercising! If your focus remains on the game, you won't realize how intense the workout is and how much you accomplished.

Buy workout gear that enhances your figure. This is a great way to keep yourself motivated in the beginning of a workout routine. There are tons of different styles and colors of workout attire available. As a result, you can express yourself and be creative with your selection. Wearing this apparel will give you the drive to work out.

In order to keep your exercise routine fresh and interesting, you should include new activities periodically. Try to keep yourself motivated. Rewrite you routine often to make it harder to lose interest in it. Becoming uninterested in a workout is the worst possible thing that can happen, as it will make getting back into your workout routine difficult.

It can be easier to move along with your weight loss goals when you reward yourself. You don't have to give yourself a big treat. You could just have a small serving of dessert, or even better, buy yourself something nice to wear! If you are going to give yourself a reward, you should make it something your really going to look forward to getting. It is important to maintain a high level of motivation as you make progress toward your goal.

There's no rulebook that says you can't have fun while working out. With a good frame of mind and a positive approach, you will have a lot of fun. Mix up your fitness routine by trying out these new suggestions.

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