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My Fat Burning Gym Circuit (Strength. Cardio. Core) | Joanna Soh

♥ Full 40 minutes Gym Circuit combining Strength, Cardio and Core to maximize fat burn! Increase your workout intensity and do this workout 2 - 3 times weekly. SHARE your progress, tag me @JoannaSohOfficial #JSohActive
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Exercise Sequence: Repeat the entire Strength, Cardio & Core circuit twice
Workout Time: 35 - 40 mins
*Perform a 5 minute warm up and cool down
Best Results: Do this workout 2 - 3 times weekly
Progress: Lift heavier, add more reps in the minute, take shorter breaks.

STRENGTH (5 mins)
1) Lunge & Twist
2) Burpee Press Up
3) Stepper Squat Jump
4) Ball Slam
5) Back Row

1-min BREAK

CARDIO (5 mins)
1) Sprint (11 – 13kph)
2) Recover (8 – 10kph)
3) Sprint (11 – 13kph)
4) Recover (8 – 10kph)
5) Sprint (11 – 13kph)

1-min BREAK

CORE (5 mins)
1) Full Extension
2) Spiderman Plank
3) Russian Twist
4) Scissors
5) Mountain Climber

1-min BREAK


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A Easy But Effective Way To Lose Weight After 30, 40, 50 and Above
Wanting to change your body and reach your target weight are noble goals, but success is never guaranteed. Take the time to understand what you need to do to achieve your goal and set realistic goals for getting in shape. Find ways to reward and motivate yourself for achieving milestones along the way. Use this article to get insight on how to make your workout more fun and something to which you look forward.

Consider turning the volume up on your favorite music to spice up your workout. It is only natural to start moving when we hear music playing. Music makes exercise more enjoyable. Some people associate music with dancing, and music can trick the mind into thinking you are dancing, not exercising. The aches and pains will seem less intense. When you use music with your exercise routine, it will keep you going for that much longer.

Invite some friends to exercise with you. It can be a great way to catch up and socialize. If you start a conversation with a buddy it will be easy to forget that you are working out. It's easy to be distracted from tedious exercise when you are engaged in a good chat. It can be incredibly fun working out with friends.

You can incorporate fun into your workout routine by purchasing a workout game for your gaming console Each gaming system has video games available that are fitness orientated by encouraging you to use your body as the controller and move about. You will get great rewards when you find fun ways to work out because you will spend less time worrying and more time having a good time.

Buy clothing that flatters your figure. Well-fitting and attractive workout clothes are a great motivator. A large variety of types and colors exist when it comes to fitness clothes. As a result, you can express yourself and be creative with your selection. Workout clothing that suits your style is going to be a great motivating factor.

Variations in your workout routine will spice things up. Try out new things, and do not be afraid to experiment. Keep updating your workout routine. That way, it stays original and fun, so you do not lose interest. You want to avoid ever stopping your routine. It can be very hard to begin your routine once you have stopped.

It is important to treat yourself with a reward every now and then throughout your fitness regimen as a way to keep yourself motivated. Your reward to yourself should be something that will keep your motivation levels high. It should be something you look forward to, such as a day at the spa, a massage or even a nice, healthy dinner out with friends. You do not have to spend lots of money or go overboard in any way. It will remind you of how well you are doing and at the same time will keep you motivated.

Working out is not a punishment and should not be viewed as one! If you can make it fun, you will be excited to do it. These tips will help you to have fun while you exercise!

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