Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Crunches - How to do a Perfect Crunch

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The crunch is a very simple exercise, but also one that is easy to do the wrong way. This can decrease the results that you will see from doing crunches, so it is very important to be doing them in the correct way. In this video, Bowflex Fitness Advisor, Tom Holland, walks you through the proper form to do your crunches correctly and get the maximum benefit from them.

The key steps to doing a perfect crunch are:
1) Lie down on the floor.
2) Bend your legs towards your body to find a position where your feet can rest flat on the ground.
3) Place your hands either across your chest so that your hands are touching the front of each opposite shoulder, or place them behind your head for a little more of a challenge.
4) Slowly lift your upper torso towards your knees using your abdominal muscles, squeezing the muscles while lifting, and stop when your abdominal muscles feel fully flexed. You should have around half of your back elevated off the ground. Any more than that and you are going too far.
5) Slowly return your upper torso to the starting position on the ground.

Key things to remember:
1) Don't go too fast. Going slow works the muscle harder.
2) Don't try to use momentum, or swing your body up using your legs. This is cheating your ab muscles out of a workout.
3) Don't bend too far forward. You don't need to go very far to fully engage the abdominal muscles. This will also help keep stress off your lower back.
4) Flex your abs as you are doing your crunches to fully engage the muscles.

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Listening to music is a great way to get moving. If you listen to your favorite tunes while working out, you will stay motivated. Music just seems to make people want to move, and it is ideal to make exercise enjoyable and interesting. When you incorporate music into your workout routine, you will put yourself in the right frame of mind to enjoy your workout.

Ask one or a few friends to workout with you. When you can convince yourself that exercise is an excellent way to socialize, you will begin to look at the idea of exercise in a new light. Time will pass quicker, and you will enjoy exercising more. When you pay more attention to your buddies than your aching muscles, this distraction will allow you to keep exercising.

One option to consider that will enhance your workout experience is to use workout video games. These types of video games are fun for the whole family. All ages can workout together. You will not feel like you are working out if you do an activity that you enjoy. When you play the game, you won't even be aware of the sweat, and you may even work out longer.

Once you decide to start an exercise regimen, look for some workout clothes you actually like. The easiest way to lose motivation is to pull on your old, baggy sweats. Workout gear that fits you well and makes you happy to wear will increase your enjoyment of your exercise routines.

Prevent yourself from falling into a rut caused by completing the same routine on a daily basis. If you become bored or you don't see the exercise as being fun any more, then you will be more prone to quit. Switch things around and make things different to keep your motivation going strong. Switch up the music or maybe even change your routine. If you keep your eyes open you should be able to find interesting ways to liven up your workout.

Make an effort to treat yourself every time you complete a fitness goal. The thought of a little reward is the ideal thing to offer motivation. It doesn't need to be a big reward. It just needs to be something that makes you happy and keeps you motivated. For example, maybe you've been wanting a new DVD or some new clothes.

A workout routine can be a lot of fun. Don't feel miserable about having to do it. Many workout options exist which can make exercise seem like fun. This article contains some useful advice to help you start to develop an enjoyable exercise regime.

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