Thursday, August 10, 2017

Crow Pose Yoga Flow: Build Strength + Discover Your Potential

Let's talk about crow pose..... and more specifically, how to get our butts up + fly in crow pose.

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Here's the deal with crow pose.


Yup, that's it, no need to read further (just joking yogis, of course there's more to read).

The reason it's so magical is it's typically the first arm balance we fly in, the first pose that makes us feel super badass, the first pose that we balance all of our body's weight atop our arms, and the first pose that truly scares us.

And because so many of us are either working towards crow pose, have flirted with the posture here + there, or confidently lift our butts up and fly, I thought to myself - let's do an entire yoga flow working up towards it.

What a great thought, right?

Today's yoga video is a well-thought out sequence that opens + strengthens all the right spaces, leading to our peak posture - Crow Pose.

Now let's step on our mats, work to build strength, open our body, and fly into crow pose!

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If you have questions, hollaaaa at me in the comments + find more yoga and life inspirations below.

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