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Beginner Kettlebell Movements For Women Part 2: The Kettlebell Swing

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We recommend mastering the kettlebell deadlift first, which you can see in Part 1.
After you have mastered the Kettlebell Deadlift, you can move on to the Kettlebell Swing. The reason it is important to first master the Kettlebell Deadlift is because some of the movements and muscles engaged are essential for performing a proper kettlebell swing. So make sure you have that down first.

Our friend, Brittany van Schravendijk, will be walking us through video tutorials of the three movements we are highlighting in this series, including this one, we will be highlighting and then helping us put them all together for a workout at the end. Brittany is a Master of Sport, World Record Holder, and National Record Holder in Kettlebell Sport. Brittany is the Head Coach of Kettlebell Sport at KOR Strength and Conditioning in San Diego, California. She has traveled all over the world to teach Kettlebell Sport workshops. Brittany is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA.

The video below will walk you through the correct way to execute The Kettlebell Swing, but here are some key points.

Why The Kettlebell Swing?

The Kettlebell Swing may be the best all around exercise anywhere for building strength and burning fat. It will help you develop strength in your hamstrings, glutes and core which are essential in other lifts. Just like the Kettlebell Deadlift, the swing strengthens the posterior chain. As we said in Part 1, that is the group of muscles in your body which affects your ability to move. The Kettlebell Swing can be performed with one or two kettlebells for added intensity.

Posterior Chain Refresher

The posterior chain is a group of muscles consisting of tendons and ligaments on the posteriorof the body, including the biceps femoris, gluteus maximus (main extension muscle of your hips), erector spinae (straighten and rotate the back), trapezius (large muscles that cover almost your entire back), and posterior (butt).

These muscles are responsible for running, jumping and getting up and down all of which are required in every day life.

If you like what you see, we do have a weekly workout list you can sign up for which incorporates the movements we will be going over into cardio and strength training sessions.

The Kettlebell Swing:

- back position of your swing is like the bottom position of your deadlift

- load hamstrings and glutes to not tax lower back

- start with the kettlebell a couple feet in front of you in order to hike it back into the swing to get momentum

- set up like deadlift, but reach forward, hike it back into swing then push hips foward, snapping them to create explosiveness and squeeze glutes at top similar to deadlift

- swing to the top and let the bell fall down with gravity to hips before pushing into back swing

- IMPORTANT: wait until arms hit hips before coming back up, if you do before a lot of space is created and the load is transferred to your back

- exhale as bell comes up to tighten glutes and engage core, exhale engages core

Visit https://blog.kettlebellkings.com/beginner-kettlebell-exercise-for-women-part-2

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