Wednesday, August 2, 2017

8-Minute Fat Burning BED Workout (Short & Effective!)

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♥ 8-Minute Fat Burning BED Workout, which can be done in the morning or evening. Only 5 exercises for an effective total body workout.
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Hi my lovelies, I've designed this Fat Burning BED workout for you who are frequent traveller or even for those who prefers to exercise from the comfort of their own bedroom. They are compound exercises targeting all the major muscles in your body, which is the best way to burn fat, increase lean muscles and boost your metabolism. Do this workout on a daily basis if you need a quick one, or combine this with my other workout videos. Lots of Love xx

Duration: 8 minutes.
Estimated Calories Burned: 55 - 65Cals.
Structure: 5 exercises. 45 secs each. Do the exercises back to back without break. Repeat 2 circuits.
Rest Time: No more than 1 minute in between circuits.
Beginners: 30 secs workout, with 15 secs rest in between exercises.
Frequency: Can be done daily for a quick & effective total body workout.
Equipment: Just your body! (and bed)

1) Squat Stomp
2) Wide to Narrow Push-up
3) Elevated Lunge
4) Bicycle Crunches
5) Roll-up to Hop

Progress: Lift some weights, reduce the rest time between circuits. repeat 4 - 6 circuits.

All the best! xx

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