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Mocha Chai Spiced Almond Butter Vegan, Gluten Free & Paleo Friendly

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So, Ima hold this short and sweet for you nowadays for the reason that

1 – I have been making an attempt to write this publish for shut to a 7 days now and just about every time I go to get began one thing will come up to pull me away ( #momlife ) so I’m concerned if I do not just get in and just get it done that may well occur all over again

2 – I do not genuinely have anything at all enjoyment or interesting to explain to you other than the fact that I designed this bonkers delicious, healthy, do-it-yourself mocha chai spiced almond butter and you have to have it in your daily life like, yesterday!

So . . .

Deliciously easy, decadent, abundant, healthy, do-it-yourself mocha chia spiced almond butter . . .

You men . . .

So a lot deliciousness your pretty small head may well just explode!!!!

Gloriously golden, nutrient abundant almonds are oven roasted then blended with a splash of vanilla, a cheeky pinch of salt, a blend of chai motivated spices (feel cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and cloves) , a sprinkling of cacao and a light hum espresso.

I know I say it about all the nut butters that we make but you men . . . this mocha chai spiced almond butter is so insanely delicious that just one taste and daily life as you know it will be modified endlessly!

The subtle sweetness of vanilla merged with these creamy, dreamy, buttery almonds, that  heart warming hum of chai motivated spices, the decadent, richness of the cacao and that light hum of espresso . . .

You men . . . I can not even . . .

It is decadent and abundant, subtly sweet, deliciously indulgent, seriously chocolaty and simply divine!

For the coffee haters out there

1 – Inform me all over again why we’re good friends?! Just kidding, kinda, you know I like you 😘😘😘

2 – Please do not be put of by the fact that this almond butter has espresso in it. I individually do not feel it has a potent coffee taste (even though you could surely ramp points up if you desired) the coffee appears to just enhance the richness of the chocolate additional than anything at all.

Have confidence in me, that leetle contact of espresso delivers an factor of depth and richness to this small jar of heaven that can take our most up-to-date batch of healthy, do-it-yourself almond butter to a complete new stage!

Severely, just trust me on this, I would hardly ever steer you mistaken. ❤️❤️❤️

As always our healthy, do-it-yourself mocha chai spiced almond butter is designed with no refined flours or sugars, working with just a handful of real food stuff components that I wager you have on hand now.

And, the moment you have roasted these golden delicious, nutrient abundant almonds you’re divine small jar of beautifully spiced, espresso infused, deliciously indulgent, healthy, do-it-yourself almond butter will come together in a subject of minutes!

It also transpires to be vegan, gluten free of charge dairy free of charge and paleo welcoming but, most importantly, it’s insanely (and I suggest I-N-S-A-N-E-L-Y) delicious and you have to have it in your daily life asap!

The moment you have your small jar of creamy, dreamy, beautifully spiced, espresso infused, chai spiced almond butter completely ready and ready in your very hot small hand, go forward and use it as you would, company as typical – dive head initial into the jar and take in your way out . . .

or you be a small additional refined and get oneself a spoon . . .

do what you come to feel, no judgement here 😘😘😘

And I’m not stating that you have to but, I you know I strongly, STRONGLY insist suggest that you do . . . get oneself a significant ol’ block chunk of your fave darkish chocolate then add a heaping spoonful of your deliciously indulgent, beautifully spiced, espresso infused, creamy, dreamy, mocha chai motivated almond butter . . .

And drop oneself in the deliciousness that you just produced.

All organic, fast and uncomplicated, thick and creamy, subtly sweet, seriously chocolaty, decadent, abundant, deliciously indulgent, espresso infused, beautifully spiced, healthy, do-it-yourself mocha chai spiced, almond butter . . .

Severely, quit what you’re accomplishing, this requires to occur, now!

Make it. Try to eat it. Really like, like, like it.

Would make approx 1 1/2 heaping cups of all organic, fast and uncomplicated, creamy, dreamy, decadent, abundant, delicious, wholesome, beautifully spiced, espresso infused, healthy, do-it-yourself chocolate, chai spiced almond butter

2 cup of uncooked almonds

1 Tablespoon of vanilla bean extract

1 Tablespoon cacao

1 teaspoon of instant espresso

1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon

1/four teaspoon of ground nutmeg

1/four teaspoon of cloves

1/four teaspoon of cardamom

1/2 teaspoon of salt flakes

1 – Preheat your oven to 175’C (350’F)

2 – Line a big baking sheet with baking/parchment paper (or a non stick silpat mat) and pour on your almonds, producing positive they are spread evenly – aka not crowded.

three – Roast your almonds for ten minutes, till frivolously toasted and deliciously golden.

four – Pour your roasted almonds into the bowl of your food stuff processor or blender and process till smooth and creamy (or your ideal regularity). At first the almonds wil grind down into a powder, give it a moment or two and the oils will extract and it will turn into deliciously, thick, abundant and creamy. You may well have to have to quit and scrape down the sides of the bowl often.

5 – The moment you have blended to your ideal regularity, add your vanilla, cacao, espresso, salt and spices then process till effectively merged.

six – Flavor and alter seasoning accordingly – add a small more salt or additional vanilla/cinnamon/spices if you come to feel the have to have and, if you prefer a thinner/additional runny regularity come to feel free of charge to add a drizzle of coconut oil to slim it out.

seven – Keep in an airtight container in the fridge. It should hold effectively for up to 2 weeks – if it lasts that extensive! (← seriously, excellent luck with that 😉 )

Enjoy xoxo


Question of the working day –

Sense free of charge to share recipes, or inbound links to your fave recipes in the feedback beneath or on the Fb page and please for the like of all that is excellent in this environment when you do make your mocha chai spiced almond butter (or any of the recipes you uncover on this blog of mine) go forward and snap a pic and share it both on the Fb page, or tag me on twitter or Instagram. Sharing is caring remember.

Do it, do it You know you want to 🙂



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