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How to Do a Prone Bench Row | Back Workout

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Hi guys. this is Max Tapper again for HowCast. And today I'm going to show you how to do a Prone Bench Row. Now, some people may not understand what prone is. Prone just means facing down. If you've ever heard the two terms prone and supine; prone is facing down, supine means facing up. So just think of a soup cup, soup and prone, alright? Facing down. Prone Bench Row.

And what we're going to do is use an incline bench like this and we're going to have some dumbbells on the side. For this we have some 50s, putting our chest against the pad and we're doing the same positioning or the same types of principles of a normal row. Again, when we spoke about doing the Dumbbell Row, I told you about one tip is that keep your hand as a hook, alright? Now, the minute you leave that hook you take away a lot of the recruitment of your forearm and bicep muscles. Alright? They're going to work anyway but we want the main muscle to work is to be the lat. Okay? So we're going to get a lot of rhomboids, rear delts, we're going to get some anterior delts even in the same positioning.

So what we are going to do in this exercise is a Dumbbell Row lying on an incline bench. So we're lying flat down and we're going to use the same principles that we did on our other row as using our hand as a hook. Okay? Now, the minute we take away that squeeze in the forearm we effectively release the recruitment of the forearm and bicep muscles because our main goal is to work our lat, right? So that's what we want to focus on and isolate a little bit more. Let me show you how this looks.

Alright now, this is the position that we're going to be in. We're lying on an incline bench facing down. I have my legs touching the floor but you can also put them on the bench like this. Okay? So we're just going to reach down, grab a hold of these dumbbells and all we're doing is rowing. Slow on the way down, control, up. Slow on the way down, control, hook. Slow with control.

Now, we also really want to make sure that you contract in your shoulder blades. You can allow those shoulder blades to drive down but we definitely need to retract them. Pull them back. Slow on the way down, allow those shoulder blades to come forward, pinch and up.

Now, that is how we do a Prone Dumbbell Row on an incline bench.

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