Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Double Straight Leg Stretch on the Mat - Profitable Pilates

Lesley Logan, author of Profitable Pilates, teaches the Pilates exercise 'Double Straight Leg Stretch' on the Mat at Westwood Pilates studio in Los Angeles, California. Subscribe for weekly videos. Find out more on her book at http://www.profitablepilates.com.

Double Straight Leg Stretch on the mat is an all levels Pilates Exercise. Lying on your back, legs straight up to the sky. Hands behind your head and curl your head and chest up. Pull your low ribs into the mat and maintain your pelvis as you lower and lift your legs.

Reps: 5-10


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Fine Tune the Exercise: Hug your outer thighs in to help your glutes stay on. Press your elbows wide and your hands into your head. As your legs lower watch that your head does not drop down towards the mat.

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