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How to Reduce Lower Back Pain & Increase Hamstring Strength - Pilates Pelvic Tilts Exercise

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INTRO: Do this exercise that will not only strengthen your hamstring and glutes but will also work on your lower back.

If you have tight lower back muscles and you need to stretch them, and if you’ve got weak hamstrings and you’re looking to strengthen those, then this is the exercise for you.

It’s called basic Coccyx curls.

It’s very simple to do, laying down on the ground, feet and knees hip width apart, make sure you’re in neutral spine, which means you should have a tiny little space under your lumbar spine and your lower back.

‘Cause naturally a spine does have a curve right through this, and make sure you’re not flattening your back, and make sure it’s just a tiny little space enough for your fingers to just slide under.

Okay, feet nice and flat, even weight to your big toes and little toes, taking a breathe in is to prepare, exhale you’re going to engage your tummy, lift your pelvic floor, and you’re going to lift your pelvis up towards the ceiling, trying to tuck your pubic bone as close to your belly button as you possibly can.

Now you don’t want to come up too much into a straight back, you want to try and keep that tucked of the lower back.

Breathe in is to hold, and breathe out is to slowly articulate one vertebrae back down at a time.

So that’s one, you want to do about 15, breathe in, breathe out, make sure your arms and your hands are nice and relaxed, you don’t want to be putting any weight down through the hands.

The whole movement comes from your core, the backs of the legs, and if you squeeze your bottom together too it’s going to also strengthen your glutes.

Breathing in is to hold, and breathe out to roll one vertebrae from your ribcage down at a the time until the coccyx bone has to lower back down.

Breathe in prepare, breathe out is to move the spine, tucking, curling as much as you possibly can, push even weight through your big toe little toe and heels of the feet, inhale to hold, and breathe out to roll back down.

So it’s a nice gentle exercise but it certainly will strengthen the backs of the legs, your hamstrings, which do help to support your lower back, same as your glutes, and it’s also going to get that nice gentle lower back stretch.

Now, if you want to take it one step further, you can stay up here, breathe in prepare, breathe out activate your core without moving your pelvis, you’re going to float one leg up into chair position, which means your knees on top of the hip, and your knees also at a right angle.

Inhale to hold, exhale activate your core to lower that leg back down, breathe in, breathe out, now you can either roll down through the spine, or you can stay up there to do the next leg.

So it’s breathe out to move the leg, inhale to always stay with no movement, and breathe out is always your core activation before and throughout the movement.

So again you can stay up here and you can keep alternating legs, or if you need to rest articulate through the spine to roll back down.

Brilliant exercise.

Once again if you need to strengthen your hamstrings and glutes, and if you’ve got a tight sore lower back then please make sure you do that nice gentle exercise at home, and make sure you do know how to activate your core before attempting the leg lifts.

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