Monday, October 23, 2017

Total Body Conditioning Workout (COMPLETE FULL BODY BURN!!)

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This total body conditioning workout gives you full body exercises that you can do at home with little equipment! This full body workout is broken up into 4 parts, for shoulders, legs, arms and abs. There are three exercises for each of the parts in this total body fat burning workout.

You will do the prescribed number of reps of each of the total body exercises before moving on to the next move in this complete conditioning workout. You’ll do the entire full body conditioning workout the whole way through before completing an additional round. If you are a beginner, try for just one round of this full body workout and see how you do. If you are more intermediate or advanced, try to do 2-3 rounds of this full body conditioning routine. If you are looking for more complete conditioning workouts, check out our Athlean-XX for Women program

Here are the total body exercises that make up this workout:


1) Front Raise - 12-15 reps
2) Lateral Raise - 12-15 reps
3) Bent Over Fly - 12-15 reps


1) Jump Squats – 50 reps
2) Catch Jump Lunges – 50 reps
3) Squat Kick Out – 50 reps


1) Curls – 12-15 reps
2) Sandbag Overhead Press – 20 reps
3) Sandbag Row – 12-15 reps


1) Bicycle Crunches – 50 reps
2) 4 x 4s – 25 reps
3) 2 Time V-Ups – 20 reps (10 on each side)

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Some people find it nerve-wracking to start an exercise routine. They may not be truly motivated, or it may be that they simply have no idea how to start. It's best to have fun with it. These methods will help you accomplish this.

Turn on music when you exercise. All cultures enjoy music. It speaks to us at a basic level, and the right music can be an excellent addition to your exercise regime. Music makes exercise fun. It can get the blood pumping as if you are dancing. This is why most cardio workouts are set to music. If you take your thoughts somewhere else and not on how tired you are, you will work out for a few more minutes.

By finding creative ways to keep your workout interesting, you will avoid becoming bored. Try to make your exercise regimen more fun and interesting by combining it with socializing. Take walks on your lunch breaks or at the gym with some friends. Spending time hanging out with your buddies and catching up on things will make the workout go much more quickly, and will make even the most tedious exercise routine bearable. You may even forget your workout is over because you were having so much fun exercising with your buddy.

You should incorporate workout video games into your exercise regimen. Video games take your mind off the fact that you are exercising. When you are having fun, you can exercise longer.

Clothing has a lot do with your motivation, if you have athletic clothing on you will feel the need to fit the part. Dressing like a professional makes you committed to your workout. Even though clothes intended for exercising usually cost a bit more, the selection can improve your workout by making it more fun and helping you to focus on what you are trying to accomplish.

Repeating exercises constantly will only lead to boredom and discouragement. In order to avoid that, you need to change exercise routines frequently. If you normally run on a treadmill, try taking a run instead. You are more likely to stay motivated to keep exercising regularly if you change your routine from time to time.

Recognize your accomplishments with meaningful rewards. No matter if the milestone is a major one or a minor one, you have earned a treat. You accomplished what you set out to do. Reward yourself by spending time with your loved ones or have a small piece of dessert. Buy an outfit to reward yourself for your weight loss. Sticking to a goal is easier if you give yourself a reward every time you reach a goal.

While you have to do chores everyday, working out should not be one of them. There are plenty of options for adding a bit of fun into your workout routine. Use the information in this piece to turn your exercise routine into something fun, rather than something you dread.

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