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How to increase bone density | Improve Osteoporosis exercises, treatment, symptoms, causes

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Would you like to learn how to increase bone density? In this weeks
video, I tackle Osteoporosis and offer some solutions to this
degenerative disease.

The facts:
1-2 females will have osteopenia or osteoporosis
1-5 males will have osteopenia or osteoporosis

People will lose bone density because of:
1. Aging/sedentary lifestyle
2. Lack of a wide variety of proper nutrients; not just calcium
3. Certain medicine such as blood thinners, and certain anti
inflammatory medicine

Here are some solutions:
Eat more vegetables. I always say that you can eat an unlimited
amount of green veggies and this applies more than ever in this video.
Spinach and kale are great. Have a minimum of 5 cups of veggies per
day. Veggies are alkaline and will naturally decrease inflammation in
our body.

An adult needs 1000-1300mg of calcium per day

If you think that milk is your answer for how to improve bone density
you're wrong. There have been studies done that even though the milk
we've been
drinking for generations does have a lot of calcium, it does not
necessarily lead to strong bones as the ads have claimed

Calcium from milk and other animal products is absorbed at a much
smaller rate than from plant based products. Beans, nuts, and
especially green vegetables like kale have been shown to have a
better effect on calcium absorption than milk. Just because its got a
lot of calcium doesn't mean your body is absorbing all that calcium.
Also eat more omega 3 fatty acids to help the absorption of calcium.

Now lets get to what really works 100% of the time to increase bone
density, recover from low bone density, and prevent you from ever
losing it again...Exercise!!!!

Many doctors believe in walking or running to increase bone density,
but...I don't believe this is going to give you the results you want.
I know a doctor being wrong about something and a trainer being
right...mind blowing.

Having extra weight on your bones, joints, and muscles during
exercises is not only beneficial, but necessary for your survival. I'm
sure you've heard the saying, "if you don't use it you lose it." Well the reason
that you're losing bone density is because your not using it. Great
movements to increase bone density are Squats, Lunges, push ups, and
really almost any other basic weight bearing exercises I can think of.

Start with low weight or just your body weight in the beginning and
work your way up. Your bone density will improve more as you increase
your weight and overall intensity over time.

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