Monday, October 23, 2017

Doing What You Love & Our Fav Jump Rope Shoes | #AskTheZenDudes 5

Doing What You Love & Our Fav Jump Rope Shoes - Ask The Zen Dudes





This is the Ask The Zen Dudes Show. You ask questions related to health, fitness, jump rope, and lifestyle, and we give ya the answers. This week we address doing what you love, weed, and our favorite shoes to jump rope in.

Today's questions:

1:03 - what about life makes you truly proud right now?
1:52 - what inspired the name zen dude fitness?
3:22 - jumping rope with wrist weights?
4:04 - what inspired you to do what you love?
5:10 - calorie deficit but not hitting protein, what happens?
5:35 - have you ever had dry needle therapy?
6:11 - what app do you guys use for timing yourself?
6:37 - shakira or sofia vergara?
7:02 - what surface should I jump rope on?
8:19 - should I readjust my macros if I lose weight?
8:38 - what better, high carb, low fat, or visa versa?
9:52 - fitbits waste of time or good?
11:19 - cheat day or cheat meal?
12:51 - is jump rope a good exercise for women?
13:24 - what are the benefits of fruit water? VIDEO ON MAKING FRUIT WATER:
14:26 - intermittent fasting every day or take a break?
14:51 - only regular bounce fast or mess up doing tricks?
18:05 - what do you eat?
19:04 - what was your experience when jumping rope?
20:10 - how do I be more consistent?
21:30 - preferred environment to jump rope in?
22:28 - do I need a heavy rope?

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Invite some friends to exercise with you. This is a time you can use to be social and discuss things you missed out on. Chatting helps you forget about your sore muscles and tiredness while exercising. An interesting chat can take your mind off tedious exercise. Bringing friends along will make your workout tons of fun.

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So you don't become bored with your routine, it is best to change workouts on a regular basis. The one thing that will stop you in your tracks is boredom. You will be less likely to skip exercising when you have an interesting exercise to try.

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