Thursday, October 26, 2017


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Dumbell shoulder press: 3x10-12
Arnold press: 3x10-12
Dumbell lateral raise: 3x10-12
Upright cable row: 3x10-12
Cable front raise: 3x10-12
Cable tricep pulldown: 3x10-12
Overhead tricep extension: 3x10-12

Let me know if you try it out babies! x

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Without proper motivation, efforts to get fit are sure to fail. That spark isn't there, or maybe you don't even know how to begin. These great tips will help you find the plan that is right for you.

Music is helpful to listen to while working out. Your body will not be able to resist the rhythm of the music. A lot of people instinctively react to music when they hear it. Turn your workout into something fun and exciting with music. When you are having fun working out, you won't concentrate on how tired you may feel. Incorporating music into your workout routine can make time fly by faster so you exercise for longer.

Next time you exercise, invite a buddy. This is a wonderful way to spend time with your friends, and you will both reap the rewards. When you workout alongside companions, exercise can be much more entertaining. You may be surprised at how fun exercise can be when you've got a buddy there with you.

Fitness video games make losing weight exciting and fun. By playing a game or doing other things you like, you will forget that you are even exercising. This will help you have more energy and enable you to finish easier. You will also be less likely to stop your workouts.

Purchase clothing that is comfortable and flattering once you have decided on a fitness and exercise plan. Putting on a worn pair of sweatpants will not give you the motivation needed to work out. When your exercise clothes are fun, comfortable and suitable for your shape, you will be happy to wear them, and you will have more fun exercising.

Avoid repetition in your workouts. Switch it up as much as possible. Boredom is the biggest enemy of a productive workout. There is a chance that without proper incentive to keep trying, you might even abandon your goals. This is why you should change up your routine regularly. This will ensure that you can remain engaged when you plan on working out over an extended period of time. When you stop being active, then the risk is very high that you will backtrack on your progress and lose all the ground you have gained.

Do not be afraid to pat yourself on the back, you deserve it. After you have attained your first goal, you will probably feel motivated to reach even higher! Reward yourself by indulging in that dessert you've been tempted by, or splurging on new workout items.

Exercising does not have to be a chore. Having fun while you are working out is easy. This article has some tips that will help you make your exercise plan entertaining.

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