Thursday, October 26, 2017

19 Bodyweight Glute Activation Exercises

19 Bodyweight Glute Activation Exercises
1. Side Balance Leg Raises (0:54)
2. Side Balance Curl (1:06)
3. Side Balance Leg Circles (1:20)
4. 3 Way Hip Circles (1:32)
5. Straight Leg Fire Hydrants (1:51)
6. Straight Leg Kick Backs (1:59)
7. Plank 2 Way Kicks (2:13)
8. Side Plank Leg Raise (2:31)
9. Side Balance Front to Back Tap (2:45)
10. Lying Leg Lift Series (2:58)
11. Single Leg Reverse Hypers (3:48)
12. Frog Reverse Hypers (4:03)
13. Frog Bridges (4:16)
14. Side Plank Clams (4:31)
15. Glute Bridge With Rocks (4:44)
16. Glute Bridge With Leg Swings (4:57)
17. Glute Bridge With March (5:14)
18. Table Top Bridge (5:30)
19. Quadruped Hip Circles (5:44)
Bonus: Lying Side Wag (5:55)

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