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Smith Machine Calf Raise

Smith Machine Calf Raise

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(Starting Position)

Before you begin, put a step platform in the center of a Smith machine, and position the bar at around neck height.

Grab the bar and step on the platform. Then, duck under the bar and place it on top of your traps.

Your toes should be at the edge of the platform and your heels should be off of it.

Then, raise your heels to lift the weights and unlock the machine.

Keep your back straight and your legs extended. This is the starting position.

(First Movement)

Inhale as you slowly lower the weights by lowering your heels until they are close to the floor.

(Second Movement)

Now, exhale as you use your calves to raise your heels so that the bar is lifted as high as possible.

(General Tips)

After completing your reps, relock the weights before leaving the machine.

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