Sunday, October 29, 2017

BalletHaven Pilates Workout 3: Hips & Legs

The third Pilates workout series for BalletHaven! Complete one of these workouts two to three times per week. Revisit Workout 1 here: and Workout 2 here:


Crown of head
Shoulder blades


Single leg circle

Side leg series

- Front/back
- Up/down
- Circles
- Clamshell
- Heel clicks
- Extend/bend
- Extended Pulse

- Inner thigh lift
- Pulse
- Circles
- Isometric

#4 stretch
Cobbler’s stretch

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While you are working out, it is helpful to crank up the sound on your mp3 player. Music can be a great way to distract you from the fact that you are getting tired. You will get more effective workouts this way. Use your computer to put together creative playlists that feature your favorite energetic songs to keep yourself motivated. You will begin to move your body along with the beat of the song. This is an effective way to ensure you have a good pace throughout the whole workout. Singing along will help the time pass more quickly.

Round up a few buddies when you want to exercise. Workouts are a great place to socialize and have some fun. If you start a conversation with a buddy it will be easy to forget that you are working out. Friendly banter can be a diversion. Bringing friends along will make your workout tons of fun.

A great way to break the monotony of a boring workout is to pop in a workout DVD. Have a wide array of videos so that you can do a number of different workouts. Music can help to distract you from the physical soreness or other physical maladies you might otherwise focus on.

Start your fitness plan with a trip to the mall to purchase an exercise wardrobe. Buy outfits that will flatter your body and make you smile when you wear them. Use your creative skills when choosing an outfit. Adding a little flare may motivate you even more. Exercise gear comes in a wide array of colors and styles. You will feel better about yourself in several aspects if you are happy with your wardrobe.

In order to keep your exercise routine fresh and interesting, you should include new activities periodically. You want to stay motivated so that you do not get bored and want to give up. Change your workout plan often to ensure your willpower stays high. Do not let yourself lost interest in exercising; if you stop working out, you will have a hard time starting up again.

It is important to reward yourself when you have achieved on of your fitness goals. Doing so provides the motivation you need to sustain your commitment. Your favorite dessert or a new item of clothing makes a good reward. Remember to keep your rewards enjoyable yet attainable. This way, you can then focus on the next goal.

It is unnecessary to view exercise as little more than a painful, sweaty experience. There are many different ways to make your workout routine more fun. Add some of these tips below to help make your workout routine more enjoyable and fun.

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