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BICEPS AND TRICEPS | Lean & Toned Arms

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Hello, babes! This workout includes lots of my staple exercises I do for my BI's & TRI's. What are you guys favorite exercises to do for your arms?! Thanks for watching, love you all!

The Workout: 01:16

Preacher Curls: Curl right arm, left arm, then together, 3x12
Cable Tricep Push-Downs SUPERSET
Cable Overhead Tricep Extension 3x15
Cable Bar Curls
- 10 reps Single Arm Curls towards Machine
- 10 reps Single Arm Curls Away from Machine
(Repeat on other arm)
- 10 reps Side Bicep Curls on ea. arm
3 sets
Single Arm Overhead Tricep Extension 3x12
High Cable Bicep Curl 3x10
Lying Bicep Cable Curls with Bar SUPERSET
Lying Bicep Cable Curls with Rope 3x10
Sitting Bicep Curls on Knees 25 reps
Bent Over Tricep Curls 3x10
Straight Bar Curls 25 reps
5 Plate Curls, 5 Tricep Extensions 3 sets
BURN OUT: As many as you can
Decline Push- Ups

SUPERSET: 2 exercises performed one after the other before moving onto the next set

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