Saturday, June 24, 2017

Double Dare Pilates Abs - Because EVERYDAY IS AB DAY

I don't know about you but the Christmas treats are hanging around a little longer than I wanted. Let's start the weekend off and end 2016 right with some #Pilates #Abs work.

It's amazing how your #legs challenge the #core - how you move and position them while stabilizing your body recruits muscle that can make the heart pound...

Try these while anchoring your spine into a mat - pull your navel in to your spine and brace your core like you're about to receive the biggest embrace of all time. Most importantly breathe in and out, big.

1. Single Leg Circles. Don't rock the hips or shoulders. Circle both directions as if you had a sharpie attached to your big toe to draw on the ceiling. x10. Both legs.

2. Double Leg lower - position the legs together but rotate the toes open slightly and maintain this position for the rest of the exercises in this set. Keep lower back in contact with the mat. 10x.

3. Double Leg toggle. Rock from one hip to the other but the rest of the body stays stable. 10x.

4. Double Leg Circles. Alternate directions. 10x.

5. Reverse Crunch w/ twist. Lift both hips out of the mat while twisting to the right and then repeat to the left. 10x.

That's 80 reps of Pilates abs. Double it and you've got yourself not only a great start to the weekend but also an awesome head start to #2017. Get after it. Because #EVERYDAYISABDAY #tamseyabs 😉💋💙
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