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Bhastrika Pranayama | The Bellows Breath Pose | Yoga For Beginners

Bhastrika, or bellows breath, is a vigorous, dynamic, and vitalizing pranayama that clears obstructions in the respiratory system, strengthens the nervous system, increases physical vitality, and enhances clarity of mind.
Bhastrika Pranayama is an excellent breathing exercise. It keeps the body healthy and mind happy. Heart and brain patients must practice to get miraculous results. Depression, migraine, parkinson's disease, paralysis are completely cured, which is impossible by medicines.It should be practiced '2-minuts' minimum and '5-minuts maximum' everyday. If one should feel tired during practice, must stop immediately and resume after some relax. In the countries where normal temperature is high in summers, should NOT be practiced over 2-minuts.
Benefits and Cures :- [1]This is the best breathing exercise for lungs. It makes the lungs healthy and improves strength. It directly affects all respiratory system of body and cures all lungs related problems. [2] Cold, flu, sinus, asthma are completely cured. [3] Thyroid, tonsils and all throat problems are completely cured. [4] It is very helpful to cure all heart diseases like angina, arteries blockages, etc . [5] Highly recommended for Brain diseases like Depression, Migraine, Parkinson's Disease, Paralysis, etc. [6] Helps to remove impurities of blood. Vata (wind/spirit/air), pitta (bile) and kapha (phlegm) are balanced so as to make body healthy.[7] Good for concentration of mind that helps for kundalini jagran.
Precautions:- [1] People suffering from high blood pressure or any chronic heart disease should avoid this Pranayama or must be done under an experienced yoga teacher. [2] While breathing in the abdominal area should not blow up. You have to fill the air in the chest area, i.e. up to diaphragm, so that the part of the chest with its ribs swells. [3] In summer season, reduce the practice of Bhastrika to 2-minuts maximum.

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