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How To Lose Thigh Fat In a Week and Tone Your Legs and Butt Fitness Workout

How To Lose Thigh Fat and Tone the Legs Fast

- 2x Per Day
- 3 Sets
- 20 Reps Each

2x a day, six days a week. Once in the morning and once at night.

1. Sumo squat and calf raise
2. Reverse lunge and knee lift
3. Close/wide squat jump
4. Side squat with knee raise

How to do the exercise:

Sumo squat and calf raise: Feet should be double shoulder width apart. Feet should point in a 45 degree angle. Squat down as low as possible or until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Raise up to the start position standing on the balls of your feet. Repeat

Reverse lunge and knee lift: Lunge one leg backwards until you form a 90 degree angle in both legs. Keeping feet shoulder width apart come back to the start position raising knee as high as possible. Come back to the reverse lunge and repeat

Close/wide squat jump: Squat with feet shoulder width apart. Raise up into a hop and spread legs into a squat where your feet are double shoulder width apart. Continue to alternate back and forth until you reach the desired reps

Side squat with knee raise: Lunge to to the side until keeping knees behind the big toe. Touch the ground if possible then raise back up bringing the lunged leg up into a high knee. Repeat until you reach desired reps and switch sides.

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Daily Meal Plan
Breakfast: Egg white veggie omelet
Snack: Trail mix
Lunch: Lean protein and veggie wrap
Snack: Protein Bar
Dinner Avocado Veggie Burger

Breakfast: 1 scoop of your favorite Protein drink, fused with a banana and maybe some Peanut Butter
Snack: Oatmeal with Raisins
Lunch: Grilled Chicken salad
Snack: 2 Boiled Eggs
Dinner: Brown rice with tilapia and corn

Breakfast: 2 eggs with turkey bacon
Snack: Cup of fruit
Lunch: Spinach salad with chicken
Snack: almonds
Dinner: Salmon with broccoli

Breakfast: 1 scoop of your favorite Protein drink, fused with a banana and maybe some Peanut Butter
Snack: Chobani Yogurt
Lunch: Brown rice and Lentils with roasted pepper, walnuts, citrus vinaigrette
Snack Rice Cake
Dinner: 4oz Turkey Burger with green veggies

Breakfast: 1 scoop of your favorite Protein drink, fused with a banana and maybe some Peanut Butter
Snack: 1/2 cup of greek yogurt and 1 cup of fruit
Lunch: Brown rice and Lentils with roasted pepper, walnuts, citrus vinaigrette
Snack: apple and almonds
Dinner: Veggie burger w/avocado slices

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When you don't have the necessary motivation, you're doomed to scrap your fitness plans. Often times, it is hard to find the urge, or you may be unsure about how to begin. These fitness ideas will point you in the direction of a workout that is fun for you.

Have you ever notices a baby dancing? Usually when people hear music they want to move. Listening to music is a great way to enjoy yourself while working out. Music helps you have fun while you exercise.

Get together with your friends and start an exercise routine. While you are working out together, you can catch up on things. Getting into a good long conversation with your friend allows you to forget you are exercising. Engaging in an interesting discussion is a great diversion. Having company to chit-chat with is a lot more fun than working out alone.

One option to consider that will enhance your workout experience is to use workout video games. These games provide a fun way to workout with the whole family. Engaging in an activity you love helps distract you from your true level of exertion! By focusing your attention on the game and not on your workout, you will not even notice how tired you might be getting, and you might be able to workout longer.

Purchasing new clothes to exercise in can be a great motivator. Look for workout clothing that goes well with your body and that you feel comfortable in. When choosing your workout outfit, add some of your own style and creativity to it. Let your personality shine by choosing workout clothes in the styles and colors you love. If your clothing gives you a heightened sense of confidence, it is sure to translate to your workouts as well.

Doing the same workout routine all the time will result in boredom and dissatisfaction. You are more likely to avoid working out if you find it tedious and boring. If you vary the types of exercises that you do regularly, you will not get bored and will motivate yourself to stay interested. Loss of interest makes it extremely difficult to stick to a workout regimen, so use your creativity to find ways to keep it fun and engaging. It's easy to slack off on your workout routine, but don't allow yourself to do that. Be consistent, and exercise every day that you are supposed to.

Setting rewards for attaining your fitness goals can be a great source of motivation. Whether it be a scoop of your favorite ice cream or a pair of new earrings, your reward needs to be something you anticipate and appreciate so that you can stay motivated going forward. Don't go too crazy with the rewards. Keep it modest and relatively simple; you don't need to shower yourself with gifts each time you reach a fitness goal. All you really need is just a little bit of recognition for the hard work to keep you going.

Working out should feel more like a reward than a punishment. If you can make it fun, you will be excited to do it. These tips will help you to have fun while you exercise!

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