Thursday, June 1, 2017

Kettlebell LEG BLASTER Workout | Autumn Fitness


Today we are doing 7 KETTLEBELL moves to work our THIGHS, HAMSTRINGS, and BOOTY (you can also use a dumbbell if you do not have kettlebells).

Today's Kettlebell Workout:
1:17 Kettlebell Swing
2:46 Sumo Squats
3:55 Kettlebell Lunge
6:02 Single-Leg Modified Squat
7:50 Step-Up
9:40 Heel Drop
11:19 Bulgarian Split Squat

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*Thanks for tuning in! Don't forget that the key to preventing injuries is to be smart, listen to your body, stop if you feel discomfort and talk to your doctor if you have any unique medical conditions.

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