Friday, September 29, 2017

Advanced Shoulder Training for Women Part 1

Advanced Shoulder Training for Women: Sexy, Strong V-Taper Shoulders

The Workout Plan

Part 1

Activation and mobility to warm up the shoulder girdle.
Activates the muscle that are usually inactive or “sleeping”
1. Diagonal band pull-apart – set of 10
2. Lateral band pull-apart – set of 10
3. Scapular retraction – set of 10
4. Thoracic trunk mobility – left/right X 15
5. Thoracic trunk mobility elbow to hand – left/right X 15
Add some core moves:
6. Pikes X 10
7. Knee tucks X 10
8. Ball roll out/knee to chest X 10
9. Plank/elbow to hand – left/right X 10
Circuit X 3

Part 2

Exercise #1. Dumbbell Presses X 10
Standing Arnold Presses

Exercise #2. Squat to Arnold Press - left/right X 10
Keep your core tight/form vertical

Giant Shoulder Superset
• Four exercises in a continuous set
• Progressive weight drop 25Lbs, 20lbs, 10lbs, 5lbs
Superset #3. Lateral raise X 10
Superset #4. Front raise left/right X 10
Superset #5. Dumbbell front Delt X 10
Superset #6. Dumbbell up-right rows – unilateral X 10
Superset #7. Dumbbell rear Delt raises (less is more/small weight) X 10


• Pre-Workout – 1 Scoop of HVOL
• Intra-Workout – 1 Scoop of CARBION
• Post-Workout – 1 Scoop of ISONATURAL + GLUTAMINE

*WARNING: This workout is not for the faint of heart - be sure you are an intermediate to advanced weight trainer and have ample rest to recover from this extreme amount of training.

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