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Yoga for Beginners | Standing Yoga Poses for Weight Loss and Obesity | Simple Yoga Exercises

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Preparatory Exercises - Standing Position -
Jogging - 00:21
Full Body Stretch - 01:23
Half Squat - 02:36
Full Squat - 03:30
Side Squat - 04:08
Twist - 05:20
Rotation for Shoulder Joints - 06:20
Rotation and Stretching Of Neck - 07:31
Forward Bending - 09:37
Sideward Bending - 11:56
Backward Forward Bending - 13:09
Bending the Back - 14:13

Performed by the students of the Balamandir Of Sri Ramakrishna Math, Mylapore.

Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. Yoga means union of the individual consciousness or soul with the Universal Consciousness or Spirit.

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Turn on the radio while you are working out. Your body will not be able to resist the rhythm of the music. This is a natural response that everyone shares. You can make your workout more rewarding and fun if you pick music that will make you feel like you are dancing. When you are having fun working out, you won't concentrate on how tired you may feel. Incorporating music into your workout routine can make time fly by faster so you exercise for longer.

Exercising with a buddy is so much more enjoyable. As you complete your workout, be social and conversational. You will be amazed by how short your exercise session feels. When you join with a friend in a weight loss journey you will see how quickly it can really happen.

Video game work outs are popular, fun and a fantastic method to work out in a new way. These types of video games are fun for the whole family. All ages can workout together. If you choose an activity that you enjoy, you will forget that you are exercising. Keep your mind on the game, and you won't even realize how hard you are working.

Buy an outfit that makes you feel good and look great. Although you may not think of workout clothing as being very fashionable, there is a vast array of selections out there. The selection that is available may be quite shocking to you. Sometimes just putting on a stylish, sporty workout outfit can get you excited about going out to the gym and working out.

If you're bored, change it up and try something else. You may end up giving up if you are not having fun with your exercise routine. In order to stay motivated, change your routine on a regular basis. Try new routines or switch up your music. Keep your eyes open for new workouts that you can try.

Frequent rewards keep you motivated to reach your final goals. It does not matter if you had a large goal or a small goal, you should reward yourself just the same. You worked hard and accomplished your objectives! Reward yourself with something meaningful to you. An example could be a long telephone chat with an old friend or a luxurious massage at the spa. Perhaps you would like to buy a new outfit to reward yourself for losing weight. When you know you have something special to look forward to, you'll be extra motivated to tough it out until you hit your goal.

People groan when they think about working out, but there's no reason why working out can't be fun. In these modern times there are several different ways in which you can make your workout routine an enjoyable daily activity. Read the tips in this article to get some ideas on how to have fun when exercising.

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