Sunday, June 11, 2017

Quadruped/Plank 101

Foundations of Movement - Upper Extremity Loading - Wrist/Shoulder Preparation

The 2 true weight-bearing surfaces for humans are feet and hands (not our backsides!). Our feet get plenty of airtime, but our hands are primarily used for manipulating external objects in space and not for holding our body weight. For this reason, it is important to properly prepare the wrists, hands, elbows, and shoulders for bearing weight before going into more challenging movements, such as planks, push-ups, and down-dog. In this video, you will learn some simple cues to improve your upper extremity weight-bearing pattern to protect your tissues and build a strong foundation.

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Wanting to change your body and reach your target weight are noble goals, but success is never guaranteed. You need expert advice on how to stay motivated. Review the ideas in this article to find out how to make exercise enjoyable and something you look forward to doing.

Get in the groove by listening to some good music! Exercising to music is the perfect motivator when you need a little kick start. Dancing with the beat is a great way to get moving and stay in shape. Jut let go, and let your body get into it! Teach yourself to have fun with a work out by adding dance and music to an otherwise boring routine. If you aren't busy tracking how much longer you have left in the workout, you may even spend more time exercising than you originally intended.

Look for others in your circle of friends or in your family who you can pair up with to achieve mutual weight loss goals. You can have the fun of a workout buddy and the support of tracking your progress together. In addition, both of you can set up small competitions. When friends come to work out with you it goes faster. When you are focused on your friend instead of the work out, you are more likely to have fun and stick with it.

Fitness oriented video games are also fantastic ways to keep your mind focused on the fun, and off of the energy you are putting into exercising. Each gaming system has video games available that are fitness orientated by encouraging you to use your body as the controller and move about. The primary benefit of integrating fun activities into your workout is that it changes your frame of mind and takes the focus off of the drudgery.

It can be a bit daunting to exercise in front of other people. Choose exercise clothes that look great on you. It is a huge benefit for your self-esteem! There are a large variety of options available in exercise clothing. Pick something that you will have fun and feel good in when picking out clothing to exercise in. Dressing well leads to feeling good, which results in more motivation to exercise.

Because boredom is common when exercising, switch up your routine each day. If you get bored with the same exercises, you won't want to keep going, so you need to mix things up. Keeping yourself motivated is important. Once you halt your exercise program, or miss a few days of exercise because you've become bored with the routine, you will find it difficult to start exercising again. You will have lost your motivated momentum.

Once you reach a goal, you should reward yourself. This is one of the best ways to keep your enthusiasm about your fitness plan high. Your favorite dessert or a new item of clothing makes a good reward. You should actually be able to earn these rewards. Otherwise, they won't motivate you at all.

Exercising can be made fun. It does not have to be looked at as boring. There are so many techniques you can try to make exercising more enjoyable. Keep the following in mind when you plan your workout regimen.

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