Friday, June 2, 2017

Are You Squatting Wrong? Best Squat Tutorial for Women

Are you Squatting Wrong?
Squat form is very important to getting the best possible results out of your training program.
Today I'm showing you some tips and tricks on how to improve your Squat Form.
Squats are SO important, not just for your Butt and Legs but also for your Metabolism -- which in turn leads to getting Leaner all over!

Here are some of the mistakes commonly seen with Squats:
First mistake, Wrong Knee and Foot Position
Second mistake, Forgetting to use all the Variety of Squats, use lots of squat types to keep your muscles guessing
Third mistake, Going too low and causing a "duck tail" effect on your lower back, this puts dangerous and unnecessary strain on the back and knees
Fourth mistake, Using the Wrong Weight.. too light, you won't break through strength and shape plateaus, and too heavy you may hurt yourself
Fifth mistake, Not going low enough and therefore not getting enough of a stretch in the glute to really work the muscle

Tips for your perfect squat: Set you feet and knees right, Go low enough but not too low, Use a variety of squat types, and challenge yourself by increasing weight over time.

Hopefully this episode was helpful to you and you learned some tips that you will apply to your squats to get amazing results. Please Like, Comment and Share!

Filming done at: Rick Rickey's Independent Training Spot NYC (28th & 5th)

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