Thursday, March 2, 2017

I Ate Peeps Oreos to See Why Everyone Is Freaking Out

Milk's preferred cookie just launched a daring Easter treat— Peeps Oreos. They took an adorable hot pink marshmallow chick and smushed them in between two Golden Oreo cookies. Brutal. Other than its curious taste, the web is blowing up with Tweets about what these dirty birds are doing to their bodies right after eating them. And apparently, the side results are way out of the ordinary.

Why the Net Is Freaking Out 

From reports of scorching pink tongues that last all day, to dropping hot pink peeps of their own in the toilet, men and women can't get over what these Oreos are doing to their bodies. 

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So Is This Just an In excess of-Exaggeration?

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I had to discover out for myself. As a single with a weak abdomen, I was terrified to consume one particular of these pink sugar bombs. I marched more than to the shop and grabbed a box of Peeps Oreos, while the sweet old lady at the register stared at me with concern. 

Like Ralphie's bunny pj's in A Christmas Story, I looked down at the pink Peep on the wrapper, as it mockingly stared back up at me. I peeled back the yellow packaging, and the smell of processed sugar cookies filled the air.

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I separated the two Oreo cookies to reveal a blinding, hot pink cream filling. I think I gagged a small. There was no going back now. 

I bit into half of the cookie, chewed, and savored the taste to assess what exactly I was eating. It literally tastes like a Peep is smashed between two Golden Oreos. I ended up consuming two much more so that I could get ample in my method to see if I'll see this pink peep in the toilet later on.

So Was My Poop Pink?

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In spite of how incorrect it may well seem (and how a lot I detest to admit it) I sort of loved these Peeps Oreos. I stuck my tongue out in the mirror and it was only a tad pink. Not neon pink like the pics from Twitter. And the coloring went away inside of minutes. 

The subsequent morning, I looked in the toilet, and I have to admit I was a tiny allow down simply because my poop was not pink. It was organization as normal. Soon after getting my very own encounter with the Peeps Oreos, I discovered that this is all just hype. Maybe if I ate an entire sleeve there would have been a lot more harm, but the worst a number of Peeps Oreos did was a minor sugar headache and dip in my sanity. 

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