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How to Make Healthy Banana Cream Pie

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If you can use a go-to wholesome dessert recipe for any event, you have to give this banana cream pie a try out. Not only is it mouthwateringly good, it's super basic to put with each other - all you require are ripe bananas, a bit of maple syrup, and some unroasted, unsalted almonds.

Start by peeling four to six ripe bananas.


Lower them in half.


And pack them up in a zip lock bag or container and place them away in the freezer to freeze overnight. Or if you do this in the morning, please note that it usually takes about 6 to eight hours for bananas to freeze.


Measure out about two cups of unroasted, unsalted almonds.


To flip the frozen bananas into the rich and creamy filling for this pie, I use our champion juicer. If you have a champion juicer, this is certainly the greatest way to do it. If you will not have a champion, no worries - you can still make the filling with a very good blender, as I will describe beneath.

Just so it really is clear how the champion juicer turns frozen bananas into all-organic ice cream that is as excellent as and definitely far healthier than any store-purchased variety, here's a search at the blade of the champion:


Below is the chute and churning compartment that fits over the blade. The flat, reliable piece in the middle is the place you'd usually use a comparable piece that has a stainless steel mesh that allows freshly pressed juices to movement out. By employing a solid screen, the frozen bananas will be forced out the side end of the chute the place the pulp of veggies and fruits is normally ejected.


Just to give you a see of how the strong screen is locked in:


To make the crust for this pie, transfer almonds to a foods processor. Two cups of almonds will make a relatively thin crust for most average-dimension pie plates. If you like a bit of a thicker crust, use 2.5 or even three cups of almonds. If you end up producing a small much more crust than you want, basically roll up the leftovers into minor vitality balls or cookies.


Method the almonds until finally they seem some thing like this:


If you use a robust blender like a Vita-Combine, you may want to be mindful not to above-blend, as you could finish up with almond butter, which would not operate as nicely for this crust.

Now, with the processor running, include a touch of maple syrup in a slow drizzle. For two cups of almonds, all you are going to want is about a tablespoon of maple syrup to bring things collectively. Just preserve the drizzle as thin as attainable and cease as quickly as the ground almonds start to come with each other like a sticky dough.


You will be prepared to press the crust into a pie plate when your ground almonds and maple syrup mix to look some thing like this:


Transfer crust to a medium size pie plate. You never require to oil the plate, as the normal oils from the almonds will avert sticking when you minimize and serve this up.


Give your hands an further cleansing and use the pads of your fingers to evenly distribute the crust along the bottom and sides of the pie plate - this is the hardest part of the entire process. If you will not like your fingers obtaining a little sticky, you can try making use of a spatula or wooden spoon to press down and spread the crust, although the crust may possibly repeatedly stick to your utensil.


Now, if you happen to be utilizing a champion juicer, position it so the chute in which the pulp comes out is centered more than the pie crust. If you never have a champion juicer, you can use a powerful blender, and include just enough almond milk or non-dairy cream like coconut cream to blend your frozen bananas into banana ice cream.


One more view of the set-up:


Now use the plunger of the champion juicer to feed frozen bananas into the chute. This will need a bit of elbow grease - just apply strong and steady downward strain on the plunger, and hold the frozen banana pieces flowing through this little one.

Please note that for ideal final results, you want to put the chute, blade, and plunger in the freezer for at least 15 minutes prior to creating this banana ice cream filling.


A look at the ice cream filling coming out:





After you have filled up your crust with a generous amount of banana ice cream, use a spatula or wooden spoon to evenly distribute the ice cream and smooth it out.

And voila, here is what you will be left with:


You can serve this up proper away, when the ice cream is cold, creamy, and soft.

Or if you prefer your ice cream company and relatively tough, place the pie into the freezer and serve an hour later on. This pie stays fresh in the freezer for a number of days, so you can take pleasure in it slice by slice in excess of a week or so, ought to it final that extended.

Just in case you missed it above, what if you never have a champion juicer?

When you get the frozen banana pieces out of the freezer, allow them sit for a bit at space temperature until they thaw out just a tad, sufficient to give a tiny to strain. Then, place them in a strong blender and blend until finally you get something related to the ice cream filling shown over.

If your blender is not powerful sufficient to flip frozen (thawed) banana pieces into ice cream, add just adequate almond milk to get things going.

As soon as you have it down, you can produce countless variations that sing with various textures and flavors.

For instance, you can include a bit of raw cocoa powder to the ground almonds before adding the maple syrup to produce a chocolate crust.

You can use soaked pecans and dates as an alternative of almonds and maple syrup to produce a softer, chewier crust. If this sounds excellent to you, verify out the following recipe to see how to bring pecans and dates collectively: Recipe for Healthier Energy Balls

You can top the pie with fresh fruit - blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries all search lovely with the banana ice cream as a rich and creamy backdrop.

If you appreciate the flavor and richness of coconut, you can add a little coconut oil to the crust, or sprinkle some dried coconut on best just just before serving.

Or as a special deal with, you can sprinkle some dark chocolate chips or carob chips on prime prior to serving.

When mango season comes all around, you can generate mango ice cream filling by freezing frozen mango slices and going by way of the exact same method proven above. Ditto for most fruits, though bananas and mangoes operate very best due to the fact they turn into naturally creamy when they are frozen and homogenized, specifically bananas.

And of course, you can constantly make just the ice cream and enjoy a truly healthier option to Häagen-Daz and Ben &amp Jerry's.

If you happen to be interested in acquiring a champion juicer to make organic ice cream and freshly pressed juices, you can go here: Household and Industrial Champion Juicers.

If you want to get a super robust blender that far surpasses the overall performance of the ideal blenders that you will locate at department merchants, please truly feel free of charge to see: The Vita-Mix Blender.

Employing a powerful blender rather than the champion juicer can make it less difficult to taste your normal ice lotions with things like vanilla beans, cocoa powder, and coconut butter or coconut oil. But you are going to get the extremely greatest ice cream-like consistency by making use of the sound plate that comes with champion juicers.

If you give this recipe a consider and would like to share some feedback, or have tips on variations, please use the remarks area beneath.


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