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5 Simple Tips for Making Great Coffee at Home

My buddies, don’t settle for consuming gnarly stale coffee that wants 5 sugars and a cup of (almond)milk to be palatable. These days I’m sharing five Simple Ideas for Making Wonderful Coffee at House.

5 Simple Tips for Making Great Coffee at Home

My very first coffee knowledge was sipping a café con leche on a college trip to Barcelona.

In college, for the duration of the week I chugged down gnarly campus coffee watered down by copious quantities of soy milk. And on the weekends I would gradually savor lattes and espresso from Gimme Coffee, Ithaca’s coffee mecca.

Out of school, I lived in suburban New Jersey in which the only coffee store within a twenty mile radius was a Starbucks.

It was during those dark many years I taught myself how to make incredible coffee at residence, due to the fact it was my only option. Taking these 10 minutes out of my morning to make and savor an amazing cup of coffee was anything I grew to cherish each morning. To be truthful, it was shut to meditative.

Quick forward 2 years, and now I operate as a barista on Nantucket. I had constantly secretly yearned to operate at a coffee shop and boy do I adore it. There is so much to learn and enjoy about coffee, but right now, I wished to share some of the game changers I’ve realized about brewing delicious coffee at home.

Even with access to an outstanding bevy of coffee from Handlebar Cafe (the shop I operate at), I nonetheless adore generating coffee at residence. But that is only simply because I’ve ultimately discovered how to make it well.

Don’t settle for crap coffee – five Simple Suggestions for Producing Excellent Coffee at Property
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5 Easy Tips for Generating Great Coffee at Property

1.) Buy Very good Beans

Not to remarkably, coffee beans are a single of the largest aspects when it comes to producing a excellent cup of coffee. Even though grocery retailer coffee rates are desirable, the truth is you will be missing out on the principal source of taste. Not to get as well nerdy on ya, but in which and how the beans are grown drastically changes the taste of the coffee.

Exactly where do I uncover high quality beans?

I would advocate getting beans from your favourite regional coffee shop. Typically they’ll have various blends of coffees that you can try out there. Or you can ask the barista what they would advise, based on what you know you like.

It took me a long time to figure out, through trial and error, that I really like light roasted coffees from Africa, especially Ethiopia. I would buy bags primarily based off the tasting notes. Normally the tasting notes are some combination of of fruit, nut or spice – virtually like wine tasting. If I liked the bag I would seem for comparable notes, and note the region it was from. If I did not, I would do the very same and make positive to stay away from those factors in the potential.

How to make french press coffee

two.) Retailer Your Beans Correctly (Not the freezer)

To ensure that you’re keeping your complete beans as fresh as feasible, you will want to shop them in a amazing dry location exactly where there’s not a great deal of moisture. Yup, that signifies definitely not in the freezer. It may well be tempting to just depart them in the bag, but I would advocate transferring them into a sealable jar to make sure they do not absorb the moisture from the air (which will impact the taste and good quality.)

3.) Grind Your Beans Fresh

This a single was a game changer for me. I used to grind my beans at Trader Joe’s when I got a new bag, due to the fact then I didn’t have to fret about it. But doing work at Handlebar opened my eyes to the value of trying to keep the beans entire till the final minute. As soon as you grind the beans they oxidize even faster (aka drop all their taste).

Rather, invest in a at-property-grinder that way each cup will be deliciously fresh.


4.) Use the Correct Ratio of Coffee to Water

I’m guessing if you make coffee at property, you probably use some scoop you’ve had forever to measure out the coffee each morning. At least that was the situation above at my area. Then 1 day I did a little analysis to figure out exactly what ratio of coffee to water I must be using.

The commonly agreed upon common is:

  • two tablespoons per 6 oz of water
  • or if you are using a foods scale 1g of coffee for every 16g of water

Begin there, and then you can alter with far more or significantly less coffee depending on how powerful you like it.

5.) Use a Quality Brewing Strategy

Please really do not get mad, I know common drip coffee makers are easy to use and can make a massive ‘ol vat of coffee whilst you sleep, but I guarantee a little extra work goes a very extended way. If you want a fantastic cup of coffee, 1 that is so great you won’t even miss your coffee store regimen, I’m telling you investing in a good quality coffee maker like a chemex, french press or an aeropress.

At function we use a chemex for pourers and at house I brew my coffee in a french press. I promise it’s super straightforward, in truth I even have a phase by step guide right here: How to Make French Press Coffee.

Utilizing these approaches you will be capable to extract the total taste out of the beans.

Want to understand how to use these? Stumptown has some excellent movies!


Other essential variables to consider:

  • If your tap water does not taste very good, try out using filtered water
  • Make confident your using the correct temperature water (195-200 ºF)

Go forth and brew my pals! I guarantee you’ll have so much enjoyable with it… I apologize if I turn anybody into coffee snobs 😉

Your Flip:

  • What’s your favored drink to purchase at a coffee shop?
  • Do you make your personal coffee at residence?

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