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Modified Triceps Dip Exercise - Mimi Mini Supplement

Watch how to perform a great alternative exercise for your triceps if your gym does not have the seated dip machine. You can use the bottom of the assisted pull-up machine! This is also very silly!! ;D

The lever is where you would normally place your foot while you do pull ups. Instead, you can push down on the lever with your arms to work your triceps.

Normally, a weighted dip machine has a belt to strap you down. If you’re very strong and the weight stack is heavier than you, you’d need a spotter to spot you by holding you down. This is pretty funny looking! ;P

The first set is an example of how NOT to do this. It shows incorrect form in two ways:
1) Arm should be parallel to the floor – this will ensure you get a wider range of motion that will activate the triceps best

2) Weight stack should not be slammed – the movement should be controlled so the tension is kept on the muscle

The second set shows the correct technique. You might need a stronger and heavier spotter since you need someone to hold down you and the weight stack. You would need to sit down lower in order for your arms to be parallel.

Lastly, please make sure you use a weight that is not significantly lighter than you! A spotter is only required if the weight stack is heavier than you. My unintended blooper is shown here because someone was working in between my sets and I forgot to change the weight! ;D

---Tricep superset as part of my Arm workout---
Dips are a great arm exercise to build overall tricep strength. In this exercise, I am doing 4 sets of 20 reps supersetted by cable rope tricep pushdowns (not shown). Try it out! It’s an AWESOME burn!!

1) Tricep dips - 4 sets of 20 reps
superset with Cable Tricep Rope pushdowns - 4 sets of 20 reps

This WED: ABS! Weekly progress update, big diet change and new cardio strategy.

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