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How To Tone & Tighten Your Back with Carli Bybel!

DISCLAIMER* These are my 4 EXERCISES for one of many back routines Carli uses in the gym. It is MY workout but it can DEFINITELY be integrated into either a gentleman or ladies workout routine, just so everyone tuning in knows! Please make sure you consider a SPOTTER or a workout PARTNER if you are a BEGINNER! You want to perform these exercises with someone watching you if you are going to be doing them for the first time! Make sure you are taking short breaks and moving at a fast pace throughout this BACK workout. I always theme my workouts around short rest periods, and high intensity training! Make sure you keep good form and proper breathing techniques throughout this workout to get the most out of what you are doing! If you have any prior injury history, please consult with your doctor or physician before performing these movements!
FORM TIP* Control the weight and do not let the weight control you!

VIDEO TIP* These workouts can be done by guys as well! Just increase the weight, sets and repetitions accordingly!

Here is my one of my many BACK workouts for you guys! Each of the 4 exercises are 4 SETS and 10 REPS (except for the final workout which is 2 SETS OF 20). Make sure you keep a fast pace throughout the workout, you are hydrating, and cleaning you equipment if you sweat! Also, make sure to KEEP YOUR CORE TIGHT throughout this will generate for an awesome burn!

HUGE Thank you to my beautiful girlfriend for being a good sport and allowing me to film our workout session! Love you babe!

Go to the Lat-Pull Down machine ... first SIT down in it and get comfortable ... then stand up and grab the bar at your desired weight ... Place your hands in the grooves of the pull-down bar ... then sit down with the bar in your hands and pull the weight down right below your chin, and slowly resist back up ... Repeat this for 4 sets of 10 repetitions!

Get onto the lat-row machine ... (The "Lat-Row Machine"s ALL look different, but pay attention to the MOVEMENT in this exercise and I AM SURE your gym will have a similar machine) ... If you have a machine like the one you saw in this video that has a TWISTABLE HANDLE, then make sure when you are doing these you twist your grip when you pull IN ... but either grip is great if your Lat-Row Machine's handles don't twist too! Repeat this for 4 sets of 10 repetitions!

Make sure you pay attention to Carli's form for this exercise! I want you guys to MIRROR that stance ... then, using a DUMBBELL that is comfortable weight (Carli used 10 pounds) hold the weight by your hip and drive your elbow straight back, keeping your arm as close to your body as you can! Do 4 sets of 10 repetitions!

Get on the REVERSE FLY machine (this machine can also be a CHEST FLY MACHINE with adjustable the handles) ... keep your back and head straight with elbows just about locked with a SLIGHT bend just for comfort... then using your tricep muscle, shoulder, and BACK muscles and SLIGHTLY bend your arm but do not bend too much, you dont want to over-compensate for fatigued will ruin your form...bring the weight straight back, hold for 1 second, then slowly allow yourself to resist the weight while it brings you back to first position. Make sure you control the weight and don't let the weight control you!! Very important! Repeat this for 2 sets of 20 repetitions!

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