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Want to get those beautiful dreadlocks without locking your natural hair? Then this tutorial is for you! I share all that you need for this protective style in this video. Its really easy!! Click "SHOW MORE" for all PRODUCTS
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For every section of hair, I used 4 strands. 2 for the braid and 2 for the wrap. I used 8 packs of the Sensationnel Soft N Silky Afro Natural Colour 1 (jet black) NOT 1B. The link just shows you what the pack looks like but please order the color of your choice.
You can use less or more, it all depends on how big or small your sections are

More tips:
- You don't have to braid the hair first, you can also 2 strand twist before you wrap.
- To make it even less heavy, you can use 1 single strand of the Afro braiding hair rather than 2 as I've used in the tutorial.
- To make it cheaper, you can use regular braiding hair for the braids/twist instead of the Afro braiding hair. But use the Afro braiding hair for the wrap



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