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Classical Exercise: Side Lift

Side Lift

Purpose: Full body strengthening exercise. Core stability. Shoulder and hip strength.
Position: Sit on right buttock with legs folded over each other to the left. Let the left leg and foot rest in front of the right leg and foot. Let the inner arch of the left foot connect into the mat. Extend the right arm to the right. Place the palm on the mat about 12” from the hip with the fingertips pointing away from the body. Lean on the arm for support. Let the left arm rest along the left side with the hand on the left thigh.
1) Press into the right palm for support. Inhale and let rib cage expand and spine lengthen. Roll the right upper arm bone back in the shoulder socket. Energize right shoulder blade to spine.
2) Squeezing to narrow the hips and thighs. Imagine the right side of the torso as the power centre and pull the torso away from the right arm. Keep squeezing to narrow the hips and thighs and gradually lift pelvis off the floor.
3) Exhale feel the rib cage deflate and the abdominals draw in and up. Continue to lift while lengthening through the crown of the head and tailbone. Squeeze to narrow hips and thighs.
4) Lengthen full so head and ribs and pelvis align. Squeeze to narrow hips and thighs. Arc the left arm to the sky.
5) Inhale rib cage expands and spine lengthens. Start to lower pelvis to floor with control. Keep hip bones and pubic bone facing forward. Continue to lower pelvis with control.
6) Exhale rib cage deflates and abdominals draw in and up. Lower right buttock to floor to finish.
Imagery: Imagine looking to the horizon. Keep the front of the skull in front of the spine and back of the skull behind the spine.
Breath: As described in movement.
Repetitions: 3 sets of 3x’s each side.
What to watch for:
 Allow lumbar spine to pull sideways towards sky so hips lift;
 Level pelvis and align ribs over it.
 Lengthen front and back of spine from crown of head through tailbone.
 Allow shoulder blade of the support arm to move as torso lifts off floor.

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