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Ab Wheel Exercise To Get Flat Abs Without Crunches

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You can start off on your knees if you want to with an ab roller or ab wheel but once that becomes easy when you're easily doing 15-to-30 reps on your knees then it's time to use the ab roller or wheel standing up like I'm doing in the video.

It makes no sense to start off on your knees anyway or at the very least you should do the ab roller or ab wheel on your knees only the first time and then after that do the ab roller or ab wheel standing up the whole time and gradually go back until (maybe a long ways from now) you can stretch all the way out and do it without the wall.

I'm personally about 6 inches away from not using the wall with my ab wheel so I can fully stretch out just like Bruce Lee did in his prime.

If you do not have an ab wheel then as you saw in the video you can simply use an office chair with wheels, a loaded barbell that has circular plats that roll and even a slick floor can take the place of an ab wheel or an ab roller.

When standing up you can get a brutal by definitely good six pack ab workout and all you need to do is 8-to-12 reps per set and you can even get away with 4-to-6 or 3-to-5 reps per set depending on how far away you are standing from the wall.

Also try to touch the wall gently to get the negative rep ( benefit of this exercise to really speed up the process of building more defined six pack abs

Make sure you keep a training log for this ab wheel (or ab roller) workout and you want to mark and track in your training log how far away you were from the wall so you will know if you are just doing the same thing each workout which you do not want to do.

You want to try to back up a little bit further each time you do this ab wheel exercise.

DISCLAIMER: There is a misnomer in the title of "Ab Wheel Trick To Get Flatter Abs Fast" because the true way to flat abs or a flat belly all depends on how much belly fat you have so to truly get flatter abs you are going to have to lose that belly fat and as you lose belly fat your abs or you stomach will get flatter and flatter over time so...

To get a perfectly flat belly where you can see your abs you have to lose belly fat (enough belly fat) where your body fat % is under 10 for men and about 15% for women to see abs on a "washboard" like flat belly so since you cannot spot reduce with the ab roller...

Use these 5 steps to lose belly fat:

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