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You Can Enjoy Thin Mints Even If You're Gluten-Intolerant

Most folks who grew up in the USA have probably heard about the Thin Mints cookies from the Lady Scouts cookie assortment at some stage in their lives. Following all, who does not like mint, chocolate, and cookie, all in one? Perfect for an soon after dinner treat—or perhaps an any-time-of-the-day treat, really.

However, with Celiac and other gluten intolerances/sensitivities such as wheat allergy on the rise, numerous are no longer in a position to get pleasure from these tasty morsels. Enter Goodie Woman Cookies—the baker of a range of delightful gluten-free cookies in vibrant, colorful packaging reminiscent of the packagings of Lady Scouts Cookies.

The ideal component? They make a flavor known as Mint Slims—which is the gluten-free of charge version of Thin Mints. These Mint Slims are a crunchy, crumbly mint chocolate cookie covered in a layer of luscious chocolate—exactly like the Woman Scouts Thin Mints cookies.

Nevertheless, there is one large distinction. The Mint Slims are gluten-cost-free, which implies for individuals that are celiac or have other gluten intolerances, they can now get pleasure from their preferred Woman Scouts cookies once again.

Goodie Girl Cookies sweet candy

The organization started when founder Shira Berk was challenged by a fellow mother or father at her kids' preschool to generate a gluten-totally free version of the cookies baked at the preschool's cafe. 17 months and tons of bags of sugar and different gluten-cost-free flours later on, Shira ultimately achieved her perfect gluten-totally free Quinoa Chocolate Chip cookie, which even began outselling the conventional alternatives at the preschool cafe.

These chocolate chip cookies are significantly crunchier and much less &quotpasty&quot than other gluten-free cookies. The secret? They are created with a signature gluten-totally free flour mix that includes—wait for it—quinoa flower. Honestly, who doesn't want to be noticed consuming one thing with quinoa in it these days? So well-liked that these cookies had been served in a s'mores recipe as 1 of the snacks at the Critics' Option Awards!

Goodie Girl Cookies cream goody

The Mint Slims are equally as delicious. Just like the Girl Scouts Thin Mints, they are mint-chocolate cookies with a chocolate coating. The only big difference is, of program, the lack of gluten.

Goodie Woman uses a signature mix of various gluten-cost-free flours to obtain a balance of textures that helps make you fail to remember that you are not consuming the actual thing. These also now come in snack-sized packs, so you can get pleasure from your favored cookie snacks on-the-go, or if you are just worried you will consume the complete box.

I enjoy these Mint Slims due to the fact I favor their cookie texture, which is crunchy with no being overly pasty, potentially due to the use of tapioca flour and white rice flour. I also favor the chocolate coating of Mint Slims to Thin Mints—it's smoother and much more velvety than that of the Thin Mints, and the mint taste shines via with out currently being overpowering.

Apart from the Mint Slims and Quinoa Chocolate Chip, Goodie Girl also offers gluten-free of charge spins on traditional flavors like oatmeal raisin and double chocolate. They also have more unique flavors like their Toffee Chaos packed total of buttery toffee pieces, mini choc chips and caramelized crispy rice, as well as two other Slims: vanilla and cocoa. 

Goodie Girl Cookies milk sweet

Need some inspirations on your up coming gluten-cost-free dessert to serve dinner guests? You can verify out Goodie Girl's recipe of mint chocolate cookies banana shake right here! 

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