Saturday, March 4, 2017

The 7 Types of People Who Visit Juice Shops

I have been doing work at a juice store for a small above a month now, and it is my content area. Beautiful music, tons of normal lighting, and all the wellness food/drink a wellness nut could want. But believe in me when I say that a juice store has &quottypes&quot of buyers.

The 'Everyday Sigh'

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She comes in each and every day to grab an apple ginger juice. If we are out of it, she audibly sighs and runs back out, yoga mat in tow.

The 'Wild 20-somethings'

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They come normally in packs of 3 to six. A single of them knows &quoteverything&quot about juice and wellness food and needs to display his friends how exciting it is to get wheatgrass shots and chase them with kombucha.

The 'Confused'

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They request me a billion questions, which I am happy to solution simply because I am a health nerd, but then never acquire anything. I truly wished to see you consider a ginger shot for the initial time.

The 'Coffee Addict'

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She can make a number of visits every single morning and afternoon for coffee. Does she know that even though it is from a juice shop it is still coffee and you shouldn't actually exceed 2 cups a day?

The 'Starting Strong'

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He comes in sizzling and fast following a wild weekend of consuming only alcohol and fries, grabs two six pack holders and fills them up with a single of every single juice. Then 10 raw power bars to supplement. This is going to last lengthy.

The 'Difficult Customer'

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He asks for anything that we can't do, and when I say that it is not possible, he says he is a typical and is aware of the proprietor and does it all the time. Mhm.

The 'Tweens'

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They constantly purchase avocado toast. In groups of four or five. Then they get up a table for an hour whilst they wait for their mom to choose them up for soccer practice

I enjoy my occupation. What an extraordinary spectrum of diversity!

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