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How I Find Health Coaching Clients

One particular of the most typical questions I get is, “How do you get consumers?” Possibly you are a health coach or in a connected occupation, trying to uncover your own customers. Or perhaps you’re just curious how somebody can make a residing outdoors corporate America.

How to find health coaching clientsRight now I’m sharing how it functions. Which includes real stories about clientele who have picked to work with me through the many years.

You can also get a downloadable checklist with 19 tips (and explanations!) on how to uncover consumers. If you are a well being coach, grab that checklist here:

Uncover Far more Clients NOW

1st, let me tell you how it DOESN’T function.

I’ve by no means had a client arrive at my internet site for the initial time, navigate to the “work with me” area and indicator up on the spot.

I’ve by no means stopped a person at Starbucks to ask about their caffeine habit and proceeded to “close the deal.” (Ick, I hate that term.)

And I’ve in no way left brochures at the yoga studio and had an individual choose it up, call me and flip into a paying client. Okay, possibly after.

The truth is, most folks are not walking all around considering, “Man, I want to get a nutrition coach.” Typically, it’s not some thing that men and women go out and shop for. Which is unfortunate due to the fact one/3 of Americans are obese and 60% of Americans are taking pharmaceutical medication – an all-time large for the two figures.

But even though they’re not looking for it and the medical local community isn’t prescribing it, I’ve gotten results for 1000's of customers around the planet in the past 7 years.

Right here’s how I discovered them.

It operates: Share your story

Practically a decade in the past, I started a basic weblog about meals and health.

Apparently, individuals were reading through my weblog because I started out to get comments and followers…and then when I announced that I was acquiring licensed as a health coach, I received client inquiries.

Individuals I had in no way met prior to desired to employ me. Whoa.

I had not been arranging for this. It wasn’t any fancy marketing and advertising strategy. But I had, virtually by accident, developed relationships with a group of women from all above the world. Just by being myself.

I remember a single girl pushing a check out across the table for the full sum of her personal coaching plan. Others lived far away and we did our sessions by cellphone. I am nonetheless in touch with some of them today.

It operates: Play “the expert”

Imposter syndrome considerably?? I certain didn’t truly feel like an expert when I initial started out. But I knew a good deal more about eating healthy food than the typical individual. And just by putting myself at the center of events, I built my self-assurance.

I’ve held workshops at my house, yoga studios, regional shops, corporate companies, gyms, you name it.

Was it scary? Yes. Did I make problems? Definitely. (A single time I showed up hungover to a workshop. It was an accident! But…yikes. Realized a lesson there.)

Live occasions don’t necessarily yield having to pay consumers correct away. After all, they are generally a person’s 1st encounter with me and my strategy to nutrition. It requires time to earn an individual’s believe in.

I’ve met people at a live event and Years later they became a consumer. It’s called “playing the extended game.”

But I don't forget one client who did attend an occasion and quickly started out asking concerns. I was carrying out a raw meals demonstration. Individuals raw hummus wraps should have been actually very good! She signed up as a personal client the up coming day.

It works: Use your connections

Some of my earliest programs filled because the proprietor of a yoga studio (often someone I had a relationship with) promoted it to his or her college students.

Some of my private clients have come to me as direct referrals from buddies in the health and wellness sector.

And I’ve got great press in excess of the many years because of friends and acquaintances – the two in true lifestyle and on-line.

As in just about any job, who you know can make a massive difference.

And speaking of referrals…

It works: People like to gab.

When you get a fantastic haircut, you inform all your friends about the stylist. Correct? That’s 1 of the greatest approaches that I’ve grown my company. By providing wonderful haircuts. Ha! Or rather, by helping my clients get results and appreciate themselves along the way.

(Every single time I run my Reinvent program, at least one/three of the group are repeaters. It’s like a small club of fantastic girls.)

It operates: Offering a damn

A single last thing I want to mention…

I’m not striving to promote widgets to any person with a $ one hundred bill. It’s critical to me to perform with consumers I like, can relate to and, effectively, give a damn about.

It’s why I don’t use tricky income techniques.

Or solely advertise any brand of supplements, vital oils, etc.

Offering a damn indicates I know who my client is, what she struggles with, the place she likes to store and what she does on vacation. And then I aim to give worth to her existence.

You know, it’s not genuinely about how I find customers. It’s more about how I let my excellent customers find ME.

In 7 many years of business I’ve attempted a lot of things. At times I’ve failed miserably! But all the tactics that truly WORKED are compiled in this downloadable checklist for all you well being coaches out there:


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