Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ep13: Expand, Contract & Don’t Get Stagnant

expansive-contractive-foodsA lot of of my customers come to me with an insatiable sweet tooth.

Functioning together, we come up with different techniques for dealing with those pesky sugar cravings. But the most substantial method is something my clients are typically not mindful of. It has to do with consuming less processed and restaurant meals, and as a result significantly significantly less salt.

When that takes place, the sugar cravings dissipate. It feels like magic.

I’ve noticed that most men and women do not realize that sugar and salt are associated.

For this podcast episode I interviewed Andrea Beaman, wellness coach superstar, normal food chef and thyroid professional. Andrea’s background and knowledge of classic healing, not to mention sense of humor, made it an enlightening and fun conversation. She explains the sugar/salt issue…and so considerably a lot more.

Believe in me, you won’t go through about this stuff in any regular nutrition textbook!

You’ll have to pay attention to the podcast to get all the information, but here are some highlights:

Frozen yogurt as a lead to of thyroid condition?

Andrea shares her encounter with so-known as “incurable” thyroid illness, and how it was connected to her everyday frozen yogurt habit. I bet you’ve never considered about food and healing this way just before! Needless to say, Andrea’s thyroid is now pleased and healthier.

Who demands meat in their diet regime, and who is better off without having it?

No a single diet operates for every person. But why? Food energetics explains why some people thrive on a plant-primarily based diet plan and other folks do not. Heart condition? Eat people salads. Fatigue? Maybe you can use an egg or two. Pregnant? Get a steak.

Hair dye, excess weight lifting and listening to the birds

The power of food is just the starting. Your lifestyle plays a massive role in bringing balance (or imbalance) to your body. When was the final time you took a stroll or listened to the birds?

The big difference in between stability and stagnation

Although one can attempt to be “perfect,” Andrea explains how she enjoys Ben & Jerry’s, bread and beer. It’s critical to travel to every end of the spectrum, at instances. That’s the big difference among stability and stagnation.


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