Friday, March 3, 2017

Black Coffee Drinkers Explain Themselves

There are two kinds of men and women in this planet: people who leave area for cream and sugar, and people who drink black coffee.

It's time for the latter half to begin explaining.

I asked fellow university students who drink their coffee black to share why they did so, and here's what they had to say about residing on the dark side.

1. The Dark Soul

&quotI like every little thing black.&quot

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two. The Traditionalist 

&quotI drink black coffee right after dinner because, that is what my parents do. I genuinely cringe when folks put a shit ton of sugar and milk in their coffee, cuz then you are just consuming milk with sugar.&quot

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3. The Realist

&quotCoffee is like alcohol. It really is got a purpose. Black coffee is like taking a shot. You aren't consuming it cause you like the taste, you just need to have its affect.&quot

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4. The Poet

&quotI like to drink black coffee since I adore the robust aroma. I also come to feel like it tends to make me far more awake.&quot

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five. The Veteran

&quotI started out consuming black coffee when I was 18. Really like it. Drink five-six cups a day&quot

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6. Mrs. Washington

&quotI have been drinking coffee because I was allowed, and it tastes like Denzel Washington in a cup... and I enjoy me some Denzel&quot

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7. The Novelist

&quotI like black coffee because it truly is just much better.&quot

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eight. The Broke University Pupil

&quotI drink my coffee black since I can not afford cream or sugar.&quot

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9. The Indecisvive

&quotI order black coffee simply because I get overwhelmed by all the choices and cannot choose.&quot

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10. The Conditioned

&quotI worked at a coffee store and I never drank coffee, I often preferred tea. My boss wished me to convert to coffee but he refused to allow me put creamer in it and explained, 'I ain't raising no coffee bitch,' and now I only drink black coffee.&quot

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11. The Cynic

&quotI drink black coffee simply because it tastes as bitter as I truly feel.&quot

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twelve. The Protected One

&quotI just detest sweet coffee. It really is nasty. Like Frappucinos and things? No.&quot

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13. The Overall health Nut

&quotI do not like to drink my calories. I'd rather spending budget my sugar and carb consumption for ice cream.&quot

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