Saturday, July 29, 2017

30-minute Fat-Burning Interval Workout (NO equipment!)

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Ready to sweat with this no equipment workout? An interval workout using bodyweight training is the perfect training style for all of us who are busy, on-the-go and crunched for time... You can always find time for a no equipment workout anyhwere - inside, outside, in a hotel room, heck, in the office! That's why bodyweight training is so awesome AND so critical to training functionally and reaching sustained weight loss!

What do you need for this interval workout?!
- a mat or carpetted floor
- something comfy to workout in
- your body for bodyweight training
- a positive attitude attitude
- some water

You're going to love this interval workout! It's crazy how your body can transform with workouts like this no equipment workout! Don't forget to share it with your friends :)

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The reason most people fail in their attempt to get fit is not because of inadequate workout methods or dieting techniques. Most people hold back because they do not have the thirst for knowledge, or drive to follow things through. The goal is to make it fun, and these tips will help you do that.

Too many people work out in complete silence. How boring! Music will help you pick up the pace. It motivates you to keep exercising and gives you a rhythm to follow. It also helps put you in the right frame of mind and keeps you from thinking about how fatigued you are.

Use your imagination to make exercise fun instead of a chore! Use the time you spend exercising as a time to socialize. Recruit several friends or even one who is willing to join you on your walks and other exercise activities. Friends can boost your workout routine through adding conversation and fun to the mix. You may even forget your workout is over because you were having so much fun exercising with your buddy.

If you like to play video games, check out the options offered for workouts. This can be a wonderful method to shake up an exercise routine and add some variety to your workout! Playing a game will keep your mind off the workout and focused on the fun of the game. This is effective because you are less likely to feel tired when you are being entertained, and therefore, you will be able to extend your workout intensity.

Buy clothing that looks good on you. This strategy can provide significant motivation at the start of a fitness program. A large variety of types and colors exist when it comes to fitness clothes. Since there are so many options available, you can put together a variety of different kinds of outfits. Having this creative workout clothing and gear will motivate you to exercise.

Be sure you don't continually do the same exercises because you will get tired of them and may stop exercising altogether. It is easy to stop exercising if you get bored. In order to stay motivated, you need to incorporate different exercises that you feel are fun and exciting. Keeping your workouts enjoyable will keep you motivated and allow you to continue working out, instead of losing steam because of boredom and stopping.

You should always give yourself a reward if you have done a good job. When you have finally hit your goal, reward yourself and take it further. You can treat yourself when you reach a milestone in fitness. However, do not go overboard with the rewards. Fitness is a reward in itself.

Exercising isn't a chore, but it can certainly feel that way if you don't do enough to keep your fitness routine fresh. In fact, exercising can eventually become an activity you look forward to every single day. Use the following advice to create your own engaging and effective workout regimen.

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